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Architecture & Design

Our Story

Born from the idea of shaping all sorts of small, big, cottage or any other house into an absolute Dream Home.


After travelling around the globe, and working with various clients and projects, Valentina, an Architectural Technology graduate, always new that she wanted to help people turn their houses into their dream homes. It is whether changing a room or re-framing the whole house, a fresh new wall or coat of paint, does change lives. Having her husband Denis, graduating with a degree in nursing, and previously working on construction sites, he realized that architecture and design is where his heart was. In 2020, Valentina and her husband Denis, decided to launch their architecture and design firm with one clear directive in mind and heart, “Shape houses into DREAM HOMES”. With the vision that beautiful and functional houses can be approachable. Haus Frame is delivering services in Planning, Building Control and Design, ensuring that they get fulfilled and happy clients in their dream homes.

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Our Mission

The mission of the company has been set to help reshape and reframe the outline of a house into a dream home.

What’s it like to work at Haus Frame

It is fun. It is challenging. It is beautiful. But most importantly it is rewarding.

What are we proud of?

We are innovative, but thoughtful about it. We update and change the plans of the house, but are mindful to keep it’s spirit and purpose of being the best home for you. We want to deliver a solution to reshaping your house that actually works for you and your needs. Making it more comfortable, functional and beautiful.

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